Operating in a high or ultra-vacuum environment presents a number of challenges for bearings, which are essential in achieving the high speeds and reliability demanded by turbomolecular and high speed dry pumps.

Working in a pressure range of up to 1×10-10 mbar with minimal lubrication and potential high temperatures of above 500˚C (932˚F), performance, reliability and a long lifetime must be ensured. FIJ bearings are engineered to achieve this, each and every time.

Product range

FIJ vacuum pump bearings offer:

  • Manufacture from high performance materials to ensure compatibility with high-temperature environments and high speed running.
  • Ceramic (silicon nitride) balls to permit a significant increase in speed with less wear.
  • Materials offering low outgassing rates.
  • Various coatings (including gold, silver and MoS2) to act as dry lubrication.
  • Direct lubrication design features.
  • Super finished surfaces and optimised surface geometry.
  • Minimal maintenance and long life properties.
  • Fully shielded and sealed versions of all bearings to prevent contamination ingress and contain lubrication.
  • ABEC 7/9 (ISO P4/P2) tolerance standards for the highest precision.


Typical vacuum applications include:

  • Semiconductor production.
  • Space environment equipment.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Chemical analysis.
  • Helium leak detectors.