It is essential that the flow of gases and liquids is accurately measured by turbine flow meters, where conditions are often extreme. In applications as challenging as offshore gas pipelines or corrosive chemical processing plants, selecting the right bearing can be key to flow meter performance.

Materials, maintenance requirements, contaminants and flow composition are all features which require consideration in bearing design. The FIJ engineering team have extensive experience in this application and are on hand to assist in specifying the right bearing for the task.

Product range

FIJ flow meter bearings offer:

  • Very low running friction and adhesive wear.
  • Manufacture from highly corrosive-resistant materials, such as high nitrogen steel .
  • A range of sealing options to ensure protection from contaminants.
  • Suitability for operation in high-temperature and high speed environments.
  • High levels of running accuracy and precision.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements and longer life design
  • Bespoke design features where required, including support from our Engineering department from the beginning to end of your project.


Typical flow meter applications include:

  • Oil and gas pipeline measurement.
  • Chemical processing.
  • Water and utilities monitoring.
  • HVAC systems.
  • Energy production.
  • Food and beverage industry.