The field of robotics is becoming an increasingly sophisticated and rapidly developing area of innovation. From artificial intelligence integration to intricate neurosurgical systems, the modern robotics industry is experiencing great advancement.

High precision bearings support both the mechanical construction – for example in articulated robotic limbs – and power systems such as precision electric motors.  Selecting the right bearing to support these applications is vital to ensure accuracy, precision and reliability. FIJ also offers full engineering support in the development and prototyping process.

Product range

FIJ robotic bearings offer:

  • High levels of rotational accuracy and smooth running design.
  • High performance lubrication options and greased-for-life designs available, many suitable for extreme environments.
  • ABEC 7/9 (ISO P4/P2) tolerance standards.
  • Reliable operation and minimal maintenance requirements, especially suited to hazardous applications.
  • Manufacture from a range of materials suitable for the application, including highly corrosive-resistant ring materials and ceramic (silicon nitride) balls for increased wear resistance.
  • Engineered for low noise and vibration properties.
  • Miniature bearings with bore sizes from 3mm and thin section bearings available.
  • Assembly, tested and packaged in Class 7 clean room.


Typical robotic applications include:

  • Collaborative robots
  • Medical and surgical robotic systems
  • Service and domestic robots
  • Unmanned systems for aerospace and exploratory applications
  • Artificial limbs and exoskeleton structures
  • Cognitive robotics and intelligent systems
  • Industrial robots, including automotive production