From ultra-precise surgical instruments to high speed dental drill turbines, FIJ miniature bearings deliver the highest accuracy and precision.

With application specific lubricants, corrosion-resistant materials and manufactured to the highest quality standards (to ABEC 9/ISO P2), HQW bearings are the perfect choice in this most extreme of environments.

Product range

FIJ medical device bearings offer:

  • Superior material selection, including highly corrosion-resistant steels and cages manufactured from reinforced Phenolic or high performance plastics (eg. Torlon® or PEEK).
  • Ceramic balls for increased speed with less wear.
  • Application specific lubricants, including food-grade.
  • Low noise and vibration levels to minimise patient discomfort.
  • A range of sealing options to ensure protection from debris ingress.
  • A flexible design approach, allowing for compactness, a light weight and integrated features where required.
  • Resistance to repeated sterilisation and chemical treatments.
  • Assembly, tested and packaged in Class 7 clean room.


Typical medical applications include:

  • Surgical handpieces
  • Robotic medical instruments
  • Blood pumps
  • Scanning equipment

Dental Ball Bearings from HQW

HQW Precision is a specialist in super precision ball bearings for dental drill turbines, developing a number of high performance solutions for this demanding application. An ongoing development and in-house testing programme ensures our customers receive the most appropriate product for the requirements.

Speeds of up to 480,000rpm, exposure to repeated sterilisation cycles with corrosive media and high levels of contamination are typical of the application. Quality and cleanliness are also of the most important considerations, and as such all FIJ bearings are assembled, tested and packaged in a class 7 clean room and manufactured to tolerance standards up to ABEC 9 (ISO P2).  With solutions for both low and high speed dental turbines, FIJ Precision is established as trusted suppler to the dental industry.