In industry, it’s essential that machine accuracy is achieved and maintained to the highest degree. High speeds and loads are typical in this application, while minimal maintenance requirements are necessary, resulting in a particularly demanding operating environment for spindle bearings.

With low friction, running accuracy and bearing stiffness therefore key to bearing selection in machine tool spindle applications, HQW offers super precision bearings that have been specifically designed and tested to meet this challenge.

Product range

FIJ Spindle bearings offer:

  • Maintenance-free and reliable performance within the given design envelope.
  • Maximised load rating.
  • Various preload options to ensure system is free of clearance.
  • Ceramic (silicon nitride) balls to permit a significant increase in speed with less wear.
  • Rings made from the highly corrosion-resistant high nitrogen steel
  • A wide range of over 300 lubricants to ensure high speeds and a long lifetime of the bearing.
  • Contact angles of 15 and 25 which permit significantly higher axial forces and improved rigidity.
  • Fluororubber (FKM) non-contact seals on both sides to eliminate friction and wear and are also suitable for high temperatures.


Typical spindle applications include:

  • Motorised machine tool spindles.
  • Belt driven mechanical spindles.
  • Printing machines
  • Food processing and packaging machinery
  • High speed rolling mills
  • Multiple spindle drilling heads